Disruptive Technology Series

For the last six years, the Rawson Lewis team has held a lunch series on interesting and disruptive technology companies. Our guests include: Fund managers Corporate Investors Venture capitalists/ Private equity Family Offices; and HNW Technology investors. We have had over 140 exceptional presentations from both large and emerging technology companies including: Alibaba, Centre for Quantum Computation, Google, NAB, News Corp, Survey Monkey, Telstra, WeWork. The full list of our past presenters is below:

Goldfields Money 18/10/2018

Simon Lyons – CEO

Gfinity 18/10/2018

Dominic Remond CEO

Dataro 20/9/2018

Tim Paris, CEO and Co-Founder

Directa 20/9/2018

Shaqaeq Rezai, Founder

Kohab 20/9/2018

Darren Clark, CTO of Kohab

Muru Music 26/7/2018

Nicc Johnson, CEO of Muru Music

Slyp (previously PingData) 26/7/2018

Paul Weingarth, co-founder and CEO of Slyp

BankVault 26/7/2018

Graeme Speak founder of BankVault