Disruptive Technology Series

For the last five years, the Rawson Lewis team has held a lunch series on interesting and disruptive emerging technology companies. Our guests include: Fund managers Corporate Investors Venture capitalists/ Private equity Family Offices; and HNW Technology investors. We have had over 120 exceptional presentations from both large and emerging technology companies including: Alibaba, Centre for Quantum Computation, Google, NAB, News Corp, Survey Monkey, Telstra, WeWork. The full list of presenters is below:

Solar Analytics 23/3/2017

Stefan Jarnason, Co-Founder of Solar Analytics

Freelancer 23/3/2017

Chris Koch (CFO) of Freelancer

Snaploader 23/2/2017

Eric Fink, CEO of Snaploader

SkyGrid 23/2/2017

Rory Gleeson, CEO of Sky Grid

Investorist 23/02/2017

Jon Ellis, CEO of Investorist

Strata Mixed Reality

John Wright, Founder and CEO of Strata

NAB Ventures

Todd Forest, Managing Director NAB Ventures

Full Profile

Full Profile Emma Weston Full Profile develops solutions to real-world problems in the agri-sector that bring transparency, efficiency, and trust to farmers and the post-farmgate ecosystem. Watch the webcast View the Presentation (PDF)